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May 5, 2023

My journey as a bootcamp student.

In January, I enrolled in the Scrimba Frontend Development bootcamp and career path. I chose this program because it offers a well-structured class format, mentorship opportunities, expert code reviews for my Solo Projects, and the chance to connect with like-minded peers. Additionally, I started sharing my coding journey by building in public on LinkedIn. This site showcases some of my best video walk-thrus for those projects and experiments.


Invoice Creator

This was a great exercise in manipulating user input data, converting it to an array of objects, and then rendering and manipulating that data. I also added some UX enhancements to direct users if they enter an invalid entry: blank inputs, duplicate tasks, and entering tasks without a price.


Darth Vader Quote Generator

I love movies. I especially love science fiction movies. When I was a kid, I wanted to be Luke Skywalker. When I grew up a little, I dreamed of working for Industrial Light and Magic creating special effects for movies. With this first attempt at CSS art,I can be a small part of that magic.


Star Rating

For the group project I’m working on, I made a clickable star rating using HTML, CSS, and vanilla JS. I also started studying how to make the usage of icons more accessible.


Flex-Wrap Image Grid

Flex-wrap and flex-basis/grow/shrink and the flex shorthand property were all new to me. When I saw how to use these properties to make a flexbox image grid, I had to try it immediately! So, I made this little spring image gallery.


March Madness Challenge

Four projects in four weeks!💣 Embracing failure : while I did not bomb my challenge, I did a whole lot of failing at JavaScript.My biggest takeaway from this is to set time limits on problems,step away from them and come back, and then ask for help. At one point I was able to solve an ongoing problem in five minutes just by giving it a day-long break!


Unit Converter

I learned more about HTML number inputs, and UX / accessibility is enhanced by
CSS pseudo-classes :hover, :focus, and :active. I was able to refactor the JS get to get rid of some repetitive lines and make it DRYer. I also presented this project in a bootcamp session to get more comfortable talking about code.


Settlers of Catan Scorekeeper

I’m satisfied with this layout and color palette, and I added some :hovers here and there to highlight the buttons. It is nicely responsive between desktop and mobile.I completed a small dropdown menu in JS to hide the scoring rules because I want this to be as compact as possible on different screen sizes.


Password Generator

By completing the stretch goals on this project, I learned a TON about input fields and forms, and how they work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript combined. And… it works! One of the things I love about the Scrimba bootcamp is we get code reviews, so I’m very interested to see how this turned out, get my questions answered,
and see how I can make it better.


Portfolio Evolution Walk-Thru

This is made with HTML and CSS, and I’m sure I’ll want to change it again once I get further into JavaScript and React. It’s designed to grow with the Scrimba frontend developer career path as I move through the modules.